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EGO-C 650mAh double ecigarette black color menthol flavor 24mg nicotine content

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1.The eGo-C kit comes with a 3.7 volt, 650mAh rechargeable Battery with a power-saving /safety function which allows you to turn the Battery on or off.  This prevents accidental discharge of the Battery when not in use.  The 650mAh Battery enables up to 800 puffs a day.  It also uses the tank system with dual air circulation structure, which provides richer vapor and great taste.

2.The Battery is shipped in the off position.  In the off position, the eGo-C will be without any function, even when pressing the LED Power Button.  To turn the Battery ON, press the LED Power Button 5 times within 2 seconds.  You will see the LED Power Button flash.  To turn the Battery OFF, press the LED Power Button 5 times in 2 seconds and the LED Power Button will flash letting you know it is turned OFF.

3.The product’s Battery has a power-saving feature to avoid Battery drain.  To switch to the sleep mode, press the LED Power Button 5 times within 2 seconds.  The LED Power Button will flash a few times as the Battery goes into sleep mode.  The e-cigarette will be without function in this mode.  To turn the sleep mode OFF, press the LED Power Button 5 times within 2 seconds and the Battery will return to standby mode.


Length:    138mm

Diameter:  13.5 mm

Battery capacity: 650 mah

Normal working voltage: 3.3~4.2 V

650mAh Battery Charging Time:  1.5~3 h

650mAh Battery Full battery can keep:  800~880 puffs

Battery Life:  300 Times rechargable

Capacity of each cartridge:  1.5 ml

Length of each cartridge:  42mm    

Each cartridge keeps:  400 ~ 450 puffs

Each cartridge is equal to 25 real cigarettes

Color of battery:black

Color of cartridge: white

Flavor of cartridge: Menthol

Nicotine content: 24mg

Charger types optional: AC adapter, USB charger


2*Cone (Atomizer Cover)
2*Tank Atomizer Base
7*Tank Atomizer Head
1*USB Chareger
5*Tank Cartridge
1*eGo-C Pouch
1*user manual

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